Wedding Services

We know that when it comes to your wedding day, every detail matters. Our broad range of services means we can help you create the night of your dreams. Think of us as your ‘one-stop’ solution to handle all aspects of your wedding, from designing exquisite menus and invitations, creating striking flower arrangements, providing luxurious bridal suites and exclusive private guest areas and valet parking our highly experienced staff will take care of everything.


حفلات الزواج

مهما كان حلمك أو تصورك للصورة التي تتمنى أن يكون عليها يوم زفافك فإننا قادرون على أن نجعل من هذا اليوم بالنسبة لك تجربة تظل ذكرها مهما طل الزمان. خبرتنا في تنظيم وإستضافة حفلات الزفاف اهلتنا لنعرف كيف نحول الأحلام إلى حقيقة، فسواء كنت تود إقامة مناسبة عائلية خاصة أو إحتفال كبير راق فكن على ثقة من أن هذا الحفل سيكون حفلاً فريداً بكل تأكيد.


Flexible Page Width

You want to benefit from the whole screen resolution to provide your customers with a great experience? Solar is divided into 6 different sections (Header, Top-A, Main, Bottom, Footer), whose width can be set separately to up to 100%.


Style Variations

Solar provides different style variations of the default theme. In addition to these styles we added several other style settings like colors and fonts. Combining the different style options allows you to create your own unique website design.


Module Styles

This theme comes with different module styles, badges and icons. For each module you can pick a style and combine it with an icon or badge to create your own unique look.


Social Icons

As a little extra Solar theme offers a set of social icons. They are easy to add to your content and are part of our editable Adobe Fireworks Image Source Files.


Warp 6

Solar is based on the fast and slick Warp6 Theme Framework, which is built with the latest web techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and PHP 5.2+.


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